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  • Mentee Success Story and Mentor Spotlight May 12, 2020
    Meet Kanwardyal, A Canada InfoNet Success Story Kanwardyal Singh is a Product Owner/Manager who immigrated from India in 2017. In his preparation to come to Canada he became a program participant and mentee with Canada InfoNet where he was matched with Rick McCallion. After successfully establishing himself in the country, he wanted to pay it […]
    Donna Chabot
  • Volunteering and Connections May 12, 2020
    Meet Rick, A Canada InfoNet Mentor Canada InfoNet’s veteran mentor Rick McCallion, leader in IT change, who has been supporting our program for over a decade contributed to this newsletter by sharing his experience and highlighting the importance of volunteering. During these pandemic times, the one thing that stands out to me is something that […]
    Donna Chabot
  • Secure the Bag Survey May 5, 2020
    Secure the Bag: Money Management & Business Start-Up Workshops for Youth Secure the Bag: Money Management & Business Start-Up Virtual Workshops are coming soon! Now more than ever, it’s important to understand money management and develop the skills to be financially successful.  We want to know what money management or entrepreneurship related topics are of […]
    Donna Chabot
  • Are we Doing Enough to Support Immigrant Women in the Workplace? March 9, 2020
    March 8th is International Women's Day, a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women and girls, and raising awareness of the work that needs to be done to achieve equality.
    Karin Lewis
  • Navigating Your Way Through Virtual Job Fairs: Tips for Job Seekers March 5, 2020
    Despite having sent out hundreds of resumes, you still haven’t received a response. You know connections are important to land a job, however you are new to the country and find it difficult to reach out to employers. Job fairs offer a rare opportunity to make a good first impression on potential employers and let […]
    Karin Lewis
  • It’s Time to Apply for Summer Jobs March 2, 2020
    The sidewalks may still be slippery and covered in ice and snow, but winter is ending soon. With that in sight, employers are starting to recruit for summer work. Summer jobs come in a range of sectors, including seasonal positions for amusement parks, retail, summer camps, resorts, campgrounds, as well as landscaping, tourism, and agriculture. Municipal, […]
    Karin Lewis
  • How Finding Work is Like Finding Love February 14, 2020
    Based on my experience working with job seekers, I have concluded  that there are real parallels between what works for finding work and love. To test this theory, I decided to do a quick online search for "how to find love", which yielded a lovely, common-sense Wikihow post that demonstrates my theory pretty well.
    Karin Lewis
  • Mental Health in the Workplace January 29, 2020
    Bell Let’s Talk launched in 2010 with a focus on building awareness, acceptance and action in mental health. Since then Canadians have taken the conversation around mental health to remarkable heights, making it clear that mental health matters. Dr. Hadley Koltun, a Psychologist at JVS Toronto’s Career, Education and Psychology Services, addresses some questions regarding […]
    Donna Chabot
  • 10 Skills Employers are Looking for in 2020 January 24, 2020
    It isn’t easy to keep up with the ever changing demands of the world of work. Technology is now changing the way we work in dramatic ways, leading to what some people are calling the fourth industrial revolution. Just as each of the past three industrial revolutions (the steam engine, the age of science and […]
    Karin Lewis
  • Can a robot read your resume? How to optimize your resume for ATS. January 6, 2020
    You might be a very good candidate for a position, but if your resume cannot be read by the computer program, you may as well have not applied at all. To succeed in securing a job online, it's necessary to understand what an ATS system can read and how it selects candidate resumes for consideration.
    Karin Lewis
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