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  • Should You Look for Work Over the Holidays? December 2, 2019
    The snow is falling, festive music is playing, and people everywhere are talking about their travel and party plans. It’s December and the holiday season has officially begun! For job seekers, the thought of taking some time off during the holidays is hard to resist. But before you shut down your computer and set aside […]
    Karin Lewis
  • Myth busters: Is Canadian work experience necessary to find meaningful employment? November 18, 2019
    The lack of Canadian experience is one of the most common obstacles for newcomers as they pursue meaningful work in their new country. Many report that they continue to face this challenge even after two or more years of living in Canada. But, what does “lack of Canadian work experience” actually mean? In this webinar: […]
    Donna Chabot
  • Is Failure the Secret to a Successful Job Search? November 18, 2019
    Struggling to be successful? Take heart from the research: early career struggles help you succeed later.
    Karin Lewis
  • How to standout in the Canadian Recruitment process November 8, 2019
    Moving to a new country can be both an exciting and challenging experience. For job seekers who recently immigrated to Canada, figuring out how to get to the top of the employer’s pile of job applications can be even harder. So, how does a newcomer standout in today’s competitive labour market? In this webinar: Dmitri […]
    Donna Chabot
  • How to Apply for an Internal Position in your Company October 28, 2019
    Imagine you are happily working at your job when you receive an email from your HR department notifying you of an exciting new job opening at your company. The position matches your skills and experience, and most importantly, aligns with your long term career goals. You are interested in applying for the position but worried […]
    Karin Lewis
  • Make the Most of Your Exit Interview October 14, 2019
    So, your job is officially coming to an end – maybe you’ve handed in your resignation letter, or have been notified that your contract won’t be renewed – but you haven’t left the job yet. It’s at this point that some companies might invite you to an exit interview.
    Karin Lewis
  • Highlights from our 72nd Annual General Meeting October 11, 2019
    I Am More Than… At the 72nd Annual General Meeting of JVS Toronto on September 25, we shared how complexity of needs is a growing trend among the individuals we are seeing throughout our employment centres and across our programs.   In this year’s annual report, our theme is: “I am more than”. I am […]
    Donna Chabot
  • JVS Toronto Announces 2019 AGM Award Winners October 10, 2019
    Recognizing client success, and the contributions of volunteers and employers, has been a staple each year at JVS Toronto’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).  On September 25, JVS Toronto presented its AGM Awards to six very deserving recipients. “Our award winners all have one thing in common,” said Jonathan Kopman, Board of Directors Chair, when introducing the […]
    Donna Chabot
  • 4 Tools to Find Networking Events in Canada October 10, 2019
    If you have ever sought job search advice, you are familiar with the popular recommendation to “network, network, network”. Networking for work means strategically reaching out to people with the explicit intention to develop ties that can lead to employment opportunities and referrals. And, if you want to leave the kind of impression that will […]
    Donna Chabot
  • Tackling Difficult Job Interview Questions: “How do you handle criticism on the job?” October 3, 2019
    Ever been asked in a job interview to talk about “a time when you faced conflict the job”?  What did you say? Did you tell the truth, or pretend you never had conflict on the job? Or, did you tell part of the story and leave out all the negative stuff? It isn’t easy to […]
    Karin Lewis
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