Our Team of Dedicated Employment Experts

Sharvari Jois

Sharvari Jois, Director, Online & Mentoring Services
Sharvari, an immigrant herself, is very passionate about making a difference in the lives of other newcomers to Canada. She has been with the Canada InfoNet program since the beginning in 2016 and has built expertise in catering to the pre-arrival needs of internationally trained professionals. She comes to Canada InfoNet with extensive international experience in management, human resources, recruitment, training and mentoring.

Ligia Chiari, Manager, Canada InfoNet
Ligia has a background in Law and Teaching and joined JVS Toronto to help other immigrants like herself find meaningful employment in Canada. She has been with JVS Toronto since 2019 where she has accumulated experience in Newcomer and Pre-arrival employment and mentoring programming. She is passionate about making an impact in people’s lives, especially through information sharing and building connections.

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Anne Hu, Employment Counsellor/Mentoring Coach
Anne Hu is a seasoned Certified Career Development Practitioner (CCDP) with over 15+ years of extensive expertise in Career Counselling and Quality Assurance. With a rich background in coaching individuals from various walks of life, including new immigrants, career changers, and individuals with special needs, she brings a profound level of empathy, resourcefulness, and organization to her practice. Anne excels in managing a high volume of client requests, ensuring each individual receives personalized attention and guidance tailored to their unique circumstances and aspirations.

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Lucy Sun, Mentoring Coach/Employment Counsellor
An immigrant herself, Lucy understands what a new immigrant is experiencing. Having worked with newcomers for more than 10 years, Lucy brings extensive experience and expertise in career and employment counselling, occupation-specific mentoring matching and job search assistance to her role. With two Master’s Degrees in the education field, Lucy applies her skills conducting research for clients with various settlement and job search needs. She is passionate about helping newcomers succeed.

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Alina Fernandes Almeida, Mentoring Coach/Employment Counsellor
With 14+ years of experience as a psychologist in the education and non-profit sectors, Alina specializes in mental health promotion, psychological assessments, self-exploration, and workshop facilitation. She has a Master’s Degree in Psychology along with a Graduate Certificate in Career Development and is committed to using her experience to support newcomers on their path to career success.

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Mariana Nogueira, Employment Counsellor/Mentoring Coach
Mariana has extensive experience working as an Employment Counsellor and being an immigrant herself she understands the needs and challenges of newcomers.  She has a background in Law and Career Counselling. She is passionate about helping people through career coaching to achieve their professional goals and preparing them to transition their careers into the Canadian labour market.

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Qahar Andisha, Employment Counsellor/Mentoring Coach
A dedicated Employment Consultant with years of experience in Career Counselling, passionate to help others. He has worked with immigrants from all walks of life including refugees, newcomers and Internationally Trained professionals. Highly motivated, well-organized and experienced with mentoring and Bridging programs, training opportunities, and Resources within Ontario and around Canada. Qahar is a great team player with excellent feedback in facilitating workshops and presentations, monitoring projects, and advising clients and partners.

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Kandie Hurlston, Employment Counsellor/Mentoring Coach
Kandie has a background in human resources and career readiness including specialized employment program management. She has a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management. As an immigrant herself, she understands the nuances associated with moving to a new country and securing meaningful employment thereafter. She joined JVS Toronto in 2022, and is keen on helping internationally trained professionals create sustainable employment preparation plans for career success in Canada.

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Roshini Dsouza, Employment Counsellor/Mentoring Coach
Armed with a background in Human Resources and a degree in HR & Education, Roshini’s passion lies in counselling, training, and facilitation. As a recruiter and her own journey as an immigrant, she empathizes deeply with the challenges newcomers face in the job market. She is dedicated to utilizing her skills to boost confidence and facilitate success, guiding immigrants towards fulfilling careers with empathy and support.

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Niki Mahase, Employment Counsellor/Mentoring Coach
Niki is an Employment Counsellor and Mentor Coach, who is well-versed in assisting newcomers and collaborating within the Employment Ontario program. Throughout her career, she has diligently acquired valuable skills to support her clients in excelling within their professional endeavours. Her expertise lies in delivering tailored, one – on – one coaching and personalized guidance to empower clients in reaching their employment objective and thriving in their careers.

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Saba Khan, Online Mentoring Administrator
With over five years of experience in vocational services, Saba is a staunch advocate for the invaluable support offered by Canada InfoNet. Having lived in five different countries, Saba possesses a deep understanding of the immigration and employment journeys, fuelling a passion for the non-profit employment sector. Saba holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas and pursued postgraduate studies in Quality Assurance in Ontario, further enriching her expertise as an Online Mentoring Administrator.

Iliana Tzekova, Program Assistant
Iliana, formerly a teacher, believes that teaching allows you to continue your own journey as a student and lifelong learner. As the first point of contact for Canada InfoNet, Iliana helps participants understand the benefits of the program and ensures a smooth registration process. Iliana is continually rewarded when participants realize their potential in Canada through programs like Canada InfoNet.