Featured Mentors

With unique experiences, diverse backgrounds and a wealth of knowledge to share, our Canada InfoNet mentors are industry professionals dedicated to helping you find a job and transition into your professional life in Canada.

Nadine Brown

Profession: Project and Training Management
Job title: Manager
Years in profession: 10 years
Years as a mentor: 2 years
My favourite part about being a mentor is helping others and sharing information. I like to provide an accurate view of life in Canada for new immigrants and help them transition and succeed so that they too are able to able to give back.

Rick McCallion

Name: Rick McCallion
Profession: Information Technology
Job title: Application Release Analyst
Years in profession: 35 years
Years as a mentor: 11 years
I am a mentor because I see how much of a difference I can make. I have great admiration and respect for mentees who are taking a leap in faith in moving to Canada for a better life and I love the thought of being able to assist and to hopefully ease the transition.

Sukhjinder Dhillon

Name: Sukhjinder Dhillon
Profession: Insurance
Job title: Accident Benefits Specialist
Years in profession: 10 years
Years as a mentor: 2 years
I enjoy meeting people from diverse cultures and learning just as much from my mentee as they do from me as their mentor.

Nashit Kalva

Name: Nashit Kalva
Profession: Procurement and Supply Chain
Job title: Sales Support Specialist
Years in profession: 5 years
Years as a mentor: 1 year
My favourite part about being a mentor is being able to network with so many talented professionals and gaining a personal sense of satisfaction from being able to help.

Veronica Seeto

Name: Veronica Seeto
Profession: IT Computer Software Development
Job title: HRIS Test Coordinator (recently retired)
Years in profession: 43 years
Years as a mentor: 14 years
Meeting and learning from so many diverse and resilient mentees is what makes this process so rewarding. I hope that mentees will pay it forward, make a difference to another mentee and continue to pass on the success.

Carlos Serrato

Name: Carlos Serrato
Profession: Mechanical Engineer
Job title: Project Manager
Years in profession: 18 years
Years as a mentor: 5 years
My favourite part about being a mentor is having the opportunity to give back to the community by providing my insights about the challenges and opportunities that any newcomer will face when moving to Canada. I believe that everything is possible when you put passion into what you do and you consider all the aspects that are involved in getting where you want to go.