Featured Mentors

With unique experiences, diverse backgrounds and a wealth of knowledge to share, our Canada InfoNet mentors are industry professionals dedicated to helping you find a job and transition into your professional life in Canada.

Rick McCallion

Occupation: Change Manager
CanadaInfoNet Mentor since 2008.

Mentoring through the CanadaInfoNet program is an amazing experience and this is why I actively and consistently advocate for this program. During my 13 years as a mentor, it never ceases to amaze me how much a little of my time can make a big difference not only to a mentee, but also to the families and extended families. My payback as a mentor is such a tremendous sense of satisfaction when I see a mentee land, settle and thrive. During my decade and a half of mentoring, I am so thrilled to see mentees start and raise families, and build their careers. I am also so grateful to learn from my mentees as well. I cannot recommend this program strongly enough!

Michèle Thibeau

Occupation: Collaborative Economic Development
CanadaInfoNet Mentor since 2020.

Mentorship with Canada InfoNet means meeting new people, exchanging and lifting up others through sharing my experience. The interaction is based on the questions, goals and plans of the person with whom I’m in a mentoring relationship. It is a privilege to get to know and engage with such courageous individuals who are determined and ready to reinvent themselves. I’ve gained valuable insights from amazing people. If you are seeking a way to make a difference and learn about other cultures, consider mentoring an immigrating professional and guide someone entering into the Canadian labour market to thrive in a new country.

Nadine Brown

Occupation: Business Owner
CanadaInfoNet Mentor since 2019.

A mentor is someone who has expertise in a certain domain, and is willing to assist others by sharing their information. As a mentor, I am happy when mentees receive employment and begin their new lives in Canada. I think someone should become a mentor and help mentees in their knowledge of Canadian culture, job hunting and assist them to become great Canadian citizens.

Ankita Sharma

Occupation: CEO
CanadaInfoNet Mentor since 2018.

Mentoring is a rewarding process in many ways. It is a great way to broaden your view and gain insight into various cultures and professions, which equips you to be a better leader. It is also a satisfying feeling to know that you are making a difference in someone else’s life.


Lloyd Dsouza

Occupation: Marketing Manager
CanadaInfoNet Mentor since 2020.

Being a new immigrant myself and experiencing the benefits of mentorship, I felt it would be only natural to share my knowledge and experiences with other new immigrants looking to make Canada their home.

Rohan Malandkar

Occupation: Government Service
CanadaInfoNet Mentor since 2021.

Being a mentor gives me an immense feeling of satisfaction by helping people reach their full potential in a new country.


Veronica Seeto

Occupation: Retired IT Software Development Professional, Vice-Chair at WINS
CanadaInfoNet since 2011.

Meeting and learning from so many diverse and resilient mentees is what makes this process so rewarding. I hope that mentees will pay it forward, make a difference to another mentee and continue to pass on the success. We are a community and by sharing, we learn from each other. Your success is important to my success!

Kanwardyal Singh

Occupation: Senior Product Manager
CanadaInfoNet Mentor since 2019.

A Canada Infonet mentor is someone who not only helps mentees undergo a smoother transition into Canada but also takes a lot of pride in their successes. As a mentor, I have got the opportunity to positively contribute to one of the most significant events of so many wonderful individuals and make many amazing friends on the way. If you really like helping people, learning, and networking, you should definitely try being a Canada InfoNet mentor.