Settlement.org - Important information available for newcomers to Ontario. Includes immigration forms and applications, applying for social insurance number, organizations in Ontario serving new immigrants, services, training, education and more.

Canada Wise - Canada Wise provides settlement and information services for newcomers to Canada, including individual relocation, corporate relocation, and intercultural training. 

SOS Canada 2000 - A broad and vast resource offering basic information about everything Canadian. Sections on immigration, employment, education, and links of government services. 

Applewood Immigration - Applewood Immigration & Settlement Services has been successfully serving immigration clients for nearly four years, steering them safely through each stage of the immigration process. 

Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Centre - The KW Multicultural Centre has been serving the Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding community for 40 years. They offer many services, programs and support to new Canadians: assistance with your job search, interpretation and translation services, assistance with your settlement needs, and counselling., filling out government forms, Permanent Residence cards and meeting other documentation needs. 

211Ontario.ca - A directory of community, social, health, and government services in Ontario. Provides information on services provided by nonprofit, community-based organizations or the public sector. Examples include: child care, language classes, job searches, housing, emergency shelters, services for persons with disabilities, home support, legal assistance, financial assistance, and much more. 

Culture Link - CultureLink is dedicated to facilitating the independence and full participation of newcomers in Toronto's diverse community. 

COSTI - COSTI provides educational, social, and employment services to help all immigrants in the Toronto area attain self-sufficiency in Canadian society. 

Centre for Information and Community Services of Ontario (CICS) - Aims to empower immigrants in settling and integrating as contributing members of Canadian society through diverse, professional and innovative services and events.

Government Services


 Citizenship and Immigration Canada - Information for immigrants, refugees and visitors to Canada. Includes employment authorization, immigration applications, sponsorship and services available to newcomers. 

Opportunities Ontario: Provincial Nominee Program - Opportunities Ontario helps employers hire the skilled workers they need, but are having difficulty finding, by assisting with the immigration of foreign workers and international students. 

Service Canada: Services for Newcomers to Canada - Information about Government services for newcomers to Canada from acquiring personal documents to employment and raising a family. 

Ontario Immigration - Ontario's main immigration website, outlines a variety of government services and resources.

Health Care


Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term-Care - Ontario governmental site explaining how to obtain provincial health insurance and services.



Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation - Canada’s national housing agency. Information on buying a home, renting a home, mortgages, maintaining a home, safety in the home, renovations, and more.

CMHC Housing for Newcomers - Information specifically for newcomers from Canada's national housing agency in eight different languages. Learn about renting, owning, and maintaining a home in Canada. 

Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing - Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Program, and more info about housing in Ontario. 

Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association - The voice of non-profit housing in Ontario. 

Ontario Tenants - Information about renting accomodations in Ontario including where to look, tenants' rights, costs, safety, and more… 

Renter's Hotline - Housing rental search for various Ontario cities. 

View It - Housing rental search for various Ontario cities (especially the Toronto area). 

Craigslist - Housing rental search for various Ontario cities (especially the Toronto area). 

Canadian Real Estate Association's Multiple Listing Service - Property information from realtors across Canada.



Canadian Citizenship & Immigration Resource Center - Immigration law site features information on Canadian immigration and Canada employment placement services and visas. 

Canadian Human Rights Commission - Promotes knowledge of human rights in Canada, and to encourage people to follow principles of equality. To help reduce barriers to equality in employment and access to services. 

Canadian Law Information - provides Canadian law information in plain, straightforward English.



Service Canada: Driver's Licence - Links to each province's driver's licence information page. 

Public Transit Systems in Ontario - Links to Ontario cities' public transit websites.



About Ontario - Provides information about Ontario's history, people and culture. 

Government of Canada: On Canadian Culture - Learn about canadian visual art, film, theatre, dance music, and literature.

Culture Crossing: Guide to Canada - Learn about Canadian social etiquette and culture.