Immigrant-Serving Agencies in Alberta - List of immigrant settlement services agencies throughout Alberta (from the Government of Alberta).

Settlement Agencies in Alberta - List of immigrant settlement services agencies throughout Alberta (from the Alberta Association of Immigrant Serving Agencies). 

Immigrant Serving Agencies in Alberta (some specifically for women) - List of immigrant settlement services agencies throughout Alberta, some which specifically service women newcomers, of persons from particular ethnic communities (from RoseNet).

Inform Alberta - Alberta's provincial on-line directory of publicly funded and/or not-for-profit community, health, social, and government organizations and services is live and growing daily.

Canada Wise - Canada Wise provides settlement and information services for newcomers to Canada, including individual relocation, corporate relocation, and intercultural training.

SOS Canada 2000 - A broad and vast resource offering basic information about everything Canadian. Sections on immigration, employment, education, and links of government services.

Applewood Immigration - Applewood Immigration & Settlement Services has been successfully serving immigration clients for nearly four years, steering them safely through each stage of the immigration process.

Government Services


Government of Alberta Employment & Immigration - Alberta Employment and Immigration can provide you with information about the immigration process for Canada and Alberta, as well as about programs and services designed to help immigrants before and after they arrive.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada - Information for immigrants, refugees and visitors to Canada. Includes employment authorization, immigration applications, sponsorship and services available to newcomers. 

Service Canada: Services for Newcomers to Canada -  Information about Government services for newcomers to Canada from acquiring personal documents to employment and raising a family. 

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program - The AINP is designed to support Alberta's economic growth by attracting work-ready immigrants to the province. Successful applicants will receive a certificate that will speed-up the Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa application process.

Health Care


Government of Alberta Health and Wellness - Alberta governmental site explaining how to obtain provincial health insurance and services.



Government of Alberta Housing and Urban Affairs - The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs contributes to the inclusion, well being, and independence of lower-income Albertans through safe, sustainable and affordable housing, and assists urban communities with addressing their unique needs. 

Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation - Canada’s national housing agency. Information on buying a home, renting a home, mortgages, maintaining a home, safety in the home, renovations, and more. 

CMHC Housing for Newcomers - Information specifically for newcomers from Canada's national housing agency in eight different languages. Learn about renting, owning, and maintaining a home in Canada. 

Craigslist - Housing rental search for various Alberta cities. - Housing rental search for various Alberta cities. 

Rentspot - Housing rental search for the Calgary Area.

Canadian Real Estate Association's Multiple Listing Service - Property information from realtors across Canada.



Canadian Citizenship & Immigration Resource Center - Immigration law site features information on Canadian immigration and Canada employment placement services and visas. 

Canadian Human Rights Commission - Promotes knowledge of human rights in Canada, and to encourage people to follow principles of equality. To help reduce barriers to equality in employment and access to services. 

Canadian Law Information - provides Canadian law information in plain, straightforward English.



Service Canada: Driver's Licence - Links to each province's driver's licence information page

Public Transit Systems in Alberta - Links to AB cities' public transit websites.



About Alberta - Provides information about Alberta's history, people and culture. 

Government of Canada: On Canadian Culture - Learn about canadian visual art, film, theatre, dance music, and literature. 

Culture Crossing: Guide to Canada - Learn about Canadian social etiquette and culture.